Friday, October 29, 2010

Salad recipe! sort of!

At the request of my girlfriend, I'm posting some food we made recently.
This is the plate I ended up with (click to embiggen):
+1 internet to you if you can identify all the ingredients before reading the rest of the post!
It's got raw cucumber, avocado, carrots, and lettuce, along with a hardboiled egg, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, steak (of some sort, i think it might have been strips of flank or skirt), topped off with the cooked-down drippings from the steak as well as some salt and freshly ground pepper.


Since a big part of the dish was the steak, I spent some time seasoning it with.....
oh yeah I forgot I put raw onions in my salad, too.
But I seasoned the steak, on this particular occasion, with some apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, salt, ground black pepper, and cayenne pepper powder.
Once the steak was done there was a lot of steak juice left over so I decided to cook it down to use on top of the salad.
After I took out the steak, I added some more salt, some red wine vinegar, a little bit of sugar, some worchestershire sauce, and some more garlic powder to the steak juice and let it simmer down slowly while I stirred it.

This is a fairly well-balanced meal for an active person, with fiber, fresh, raw veggies, lots (kinda) of protein from the egg and steak, and some carbs from the avocado and ranch. Eat with some fruit and top with some seeds or nuts and your nutritionist would be PROUD.


  1. Wow, that makes me sooo hungry!~

  2. looks really tasty.
    you may consider slicing the egg and laying it round the dish, would be also nice i think

  3. That looks good, and my mouth is literally watering from your description of the steak. I love steak!

  4. Damn it now im starving. Nice dish!

  5. Looks good but like a lot of work.

  6. that looks really good a nice salad is always awesome

  7. It seems delicious bra, you deserve a new follower :D

  8. looks so delicious... do you have any other recipes?

  9. Got most of the ingredients :D