Friday, November 19, 2010

Midnight Harry Potter and bowling!

So last night was busy.

Bowling from 8:30 to about 11:00 PM.

And we won both games!
Our team "Mark it Zero" (anyone get the reference?) is now 3-1 so far this season!
We had a really lucky day though, first we played an all-girls team that usually kicks everyone's asses, but I think they had one or two substitutes, so it wasn't their normal team. We beat them by about 20 pins with a final pin count of about 530 (it was close the entire game)
The next team was looking like they were going to kick our ASSES in the beginning. They were rocking a bunch of strikes and spares, not very consistently, but we waited till the THIRD frame to even close something out!
Our second game, we ended up with a score of EXACTLY 500.
Note, now, that if a team member doesn't show up, their absentee score is automatically adjusted to 100.
And there are five team members.
So it was virtually like none of us had even shown up. And we still won! And only by FOUR POINTS.

Ok, so while bowling was going on, my wonderful girlfriend got on her fancy phone and bought us movie tickets for the midnight showing of HP7.1 Deathly Hallows.

Left the bowling alley and immediately headed to the movie theater to wait in line.
I took a video, and you can't see anything in it, but I'm posting it anyway:

It was about 45 degrees F outside and there must have been at least 1500-2000 people waiting in line.

I seriously could have sat through another two hours of that movie. I wish they had gone more in-depth with some characters and situations, like with Creature, Bill and Fleur, Tonks and Lupin, and I felt like they could have done a better job building up the (spoiler, highlight to read) emotions involved with the scene with the destruction of the locket horcrux. Specifically, in terms of the jealousy that Ron was feeling toward Harry and Hermione's "relationship" (which was really just a friendship, but the locket convinced Ron otherwise obviously). Maybe I was just out of it when I saw the movie, but it really seemed like it was just "oh well we're in the woods now. I'm so jealous of y'all!". And the duologue that Locket-Harry and Locket-Hermione communicated to Ron could have been much more heart-wrenching and painful, in my opinion. I feel like the movie really didn't do enough to show the unbelievable level of spiritual and emotional fortitude Ron had to possess to be able to overcome the locket's illusion.

I feel like this movie really did a better job of (very serious spoilers) portraying Bellatrix LeStrange as a character to be hated and despised. In the books, the reader is lead to almost relish her death and the revenge that Mrs. Weasley gets by fighting her in the Battle of Hogwartz (am I remembering that correctly?). In my opinion, the previous movies either didn't spend enough time with her character or just didn't do a good job of painting her as this cold, inhuman, unfeeling beast. In the previous movies it was just like "oh she's a bad guy" but the newest movie worked hard to lead the viewer to despise the character. I mean really, hearing Hermione's screams and cries from being tortured by Bellatrix is probably one of the most effective ways of learning about Bellatrix as a character in a film setting.

What did everyone else think of the movie (if you've seen it yet)?
Are you even going to go see the movie in theatres?
Are you even going to see it when it comes out on bluray?

You should, cause it was awesome

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Bacon Creole Asparagus

This dish is PERFECT for a side to a main course, or can even be eaten as just a (not very healthy) snack.
I made this dish alongside some grilled smoked sausage and mashed potatoes and it was all nearly too delicious for me to handle at one time.

So, for this dish you'll need one bunch of asparagus and at least four thick slices of bacon.
Fry the bacon on low heat, flipping only once, until the bacon is how you like it. I prefer mine a little crispier just cause I feel like bacon fat rendered more thoroughly tastes better than less rendered fat.
While the bacon is cooking, prepare the asparagus.
Rinse it under cold water and shake of excess water, and cut off the thick fibrous stalks at the very bottom of the asparagus. I usually cut around where the stalk turns whiteish or purple instead of green.

Once the bacon is done, pull it out of the pan onto a paper towel or something that will allow the grease to drip off, and drop the prepped asparagus into the bacon grease, with a small amount of salt on top.

While the asparagus is cooking, cut up the bacon into maybe 1cmx1cm squares, or strips, or really however you want to.
When the asparagus is about halfway done, season them liberally with Tony Chacheres and stir it in well.
The asparagus should be fully cooked when they are limp, but not flimsy. They will be soft, but not soggy.

Once the asparagus is done cooking, take them out of the pan, trying to drain as much grease off as possible before plating. Once they're all on the plate of your choice, top with the bacon pieces you cut up earlier and cover lightly with fresh ground pepper.


Bacon Creole Asparagus!

If you try this let me know how it works out for you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It releases this thursday at midnight!
I haven't read all of the books, but I've heard them all as books-on-tape, and I am SO excited to see how they interpret the last two installments.
I think the thing I'm most excited about is the scene at Malfoy Manor where Harry has the stinging curse on his face and Draco has to try and identify him.... BUT I'M NOT GOING TO SPOIL IT!

So my girlfriend and I are planning on going to the 12:05 showing, because the 12:00, 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, and 12:04 showings were completely full.

I'm showing up as a hogwartz student, too. (made easy by my identical halloween costume from this year)
With wand in hand and everything!
A Gryffindor, too!

This is going to be right after three hours of bowling league, too! Normally it starts around 8:30 and ends at 11ish so we're going to be up till like four AM exhausted!
Totally worth it though!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brand New Dog video! And a trip to Dallas

I'll start in reverse order; I was in Dallas-Ft.Worth over the weekend for my Granny's birthday and thought my parents backyard was picture-worthy:

This is a view from their back porch looking over toward the greenhouse. My dad decided to build this after we were constantly moving plants in and out of the house to keep them from dieing during the winter.
Plus, their cat loves it!

Here's another video of my dog doing acrobatics trying to get a balloon:

Recently he's started getting really bold with how high he jumps for the balloon and how acrobatic he's willing to get to try and pop the balloon, so I thought I'd take another video to show his progress over the last few months.

Finally, I got a free Conan shirt!

He was giving away 1000 free shirts every day for 10 days and I got one on the last day!
It was really cool how he was giving them away, too; you had to follow his twitter and watch for a twitted secret code, which you would then have to take to BustedTees.
If you were one of the first 1000 to put in the code, you got a free shirt, and I did it!

Check it out below, it's Conan riding around the twitter Fail Whale (renamed the Pale Whale for this design):

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey wow!

50 followers! Glad everyone is so interested in the minutia of my everyday life! And the occasional guide or whatever I put up, too.
I just realized, though, damnit, that I forgot to take pictures of my Granny's 85th birthday party today!

She's a wild lady and it was a wild party, pictures would have been great.

Anyway, back to Austin tomorrow with my dog, my girlfriend, my little sister, and my little sister's boyfriend.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bowling and other things, dude

I was forced to clarify on this post: who exactly it was that managed to pick up the split in the second game.

So a new season of our bowling league started last night and it was tons of fun.
The way it works is kind of like tournament-style play, where for the first game, two teams play against each other on two lanes, alternating between the two lanes between each frame. For the second game all the teams are shuffled around and the alternating lane gameplay starts again.
For our league I think there are something like 20 teams or so, each of five people, and each having at least two girls (a requirement to form a team).

You can check it all out at the Austin Sports and Social Club website:

Anyway, for the first game things were going pretty well; we ended up winning. At the very end of the first game though, one of our opponents picked up a spare on a split, and informal rules dictate that pretty much everyone has to take a shot when someone picks up a spare on a split.

So we took shots.

Second game, my amazingly awesome girlfriend picked up a spare on a split early in the game.

So we took shots.

After several beers and multiple shots, we ended up not even breaking 500 between the five of us on the second game. Our opponents broke 700.

Well, so we won the first game and lost the second game, and got pretty drunk, too.
Very fun night, have some pics!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunset over west Austin horizon

Was walking the dog the other evening and turned around to see this beautiful sky looking back at me. Hopefully my phone was able to capture the full glory of this sunset.

Then this morning we got up early and I looked outside to see an other-worldly fog looming on the other side of our back door.

In between these two occurrences, I found out I wasn't getting hired for a job I needed, and got stung by a wasp on my foot.

Well as Kurt Vonnegut said, so it goes!