Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy late Halloween and Rally to Restore Sanity!

Weekend was awesome.
Went to the Austin Satellite Rally to Restore Sanity:
There were a reasonable amount of reasonable people there, which is really what the rally was all about, right?
They said that it was the largest rally at the Texas State Capitol building since 1984, which got me wondering: what the hell was so important in 1984 that so many people gathered at the Capitol building?
After some research, I still haven't found out.

Halloween! I got way way too drunk Saturday night at a friend's house party, as a Gryffindor, and ended up just laying in bed all day Sunday recovering.
My girlfriend and I as Gryffindors:

Saw this in my backyard, and, unfortunately, didn't quite feel the same level of emotion as YosemiteBear famously did: