Friday, November 19, 2010

Midnight Harry Potter and bowling!

So last night was busy.

Bowling from 8:30 to about 11:00 PM.

And we won both games!
Our team "Mark it Zero" (anyone get the reference?) is now 3-1 so far this season!
We had a really lucky day though, first we played an all-girls team that usually kicks everyone's asses, but I think they had one or two substitutes, so it wasn't their normal team. We beat them by about 20 pins with a final pin count of about 530 (it was close the entire game)
The next team was looking like they were going to kick our ASSES in the beginning. They were rocking a bunch of strikes and spares, not very consistently, but we waited till the THIRD frame to even close something out!
Our second game, we ended up with a score of EXACTLY 500.
Note, now, that if a team member doesn't show up, their absentee score is automatically adjusted to 100.
And there are five team members.
So it was virtually like none of us had even shown up. And we still won! And only by FOUR POINTS.

Ok, so while bowling was going on, my wonderful girlfriend got on her fancy phone and bought us movie tickets for the midnight showing of HP7.1 Deathly Hallows.

Left the bowling alley and immediately headed to the movie theater to wait in line.
I took a video, and you can't see anything in it, but I'm posting it anyway:

It was about 45 degrees F outside and there must have been at least 1500-2000 people waiting in line.

I seriously could have sat through another two hours of that movie. I wish they had gone more in-depth with some characters and situations, like with Creature, Bill and Fleur, Tonks and Lupin, and I felt like they could have done a better job building up the (spoiler, highlight to read) emotions involved with the scene with the destruction of the locket horcrux. Specifically, in terms of the jealousy that Ron was feeling toward Harry and Hermione's "relationship" (which was really just a friendship, but the locket convinced Ron otherwise obviously). Maybe I was just out of it when I saw the movie, but it really seemed like it was just "oh well we're in the woods now. I'm so jealous of y'all!". And the duologue that Locket-Harry and Locket-Hermione communicated to Ron could have been much more heart-wrenching and painful, in my opinion. I feel like the movie really didn't do enough to show the unbelievable level of spiritual and emotional fortitude Ron had to possess to be able to overcome the locket's illusion.

I feel like this movie really did a better job of (very serious spoilers) portraying Bellatrix LeStrange as a character to be hated and despised. In the books, the reader is lead to almost relish her death and the revenge that Mrs. Weasley gets by fighting her in the Battle of Hogwartz (am I remembering that correctly?). In my opinion, the previous movies either didn't spend enough time with her character or just didn't do a good job of painting her as this cold, inhuman, unfeeling beast. In the previous movies it was just like "oh she's a bad guy" but the newest movie worked hard to lead the viewer to despise the character. I mean really, hearing Hermione's screams and cries from being tortured by Bellatrix is probably one of the most effective ways of learning about Bellatrix as a character in a film setting.

What did everyone else think of the movie (if you've seen it yet)?
Are you even going to go see the movie in theatres?
Are you even going to see it when it comes out on bluray?

You should, cause it was awesome


  1. bowling sounds intense, i plan on watching HP in theaters in a few days, ive only heard good things

  2. great post! i like it
    supportin & folloing you!

  3. its ridiculous the culture that this movie series has created

  4. Congrats on your win!

    So jealous you saw HP7, I didn't get a chance to go last night. Can't wait!

  5. just watched the first 36 minutes, cant wait till the whole thing hits the web

  6. i went and saw harry potter. its great. ill buy it on bluray when it does come out. harry potter and the gang make another hit in the movies.

  7. sounds like you had a good time bowling! I havent seen the movie yet, but I plan on doing so soon.

  8. What is up with all these Harry Potter fans? :o) And no I haven't seen it... YET!

  9. Lol reference is definitely from big lebowski.

    Thanks for hiding the spoilers. I really like the video showing how black it is outside at night, i was never quite aware of that before ;)

  10. i want 2 see the new harry potter movie friends say it was good