Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upcoming fun in the Austin area!

So I doubt it, but if any of you live in the Austin area and like going to a sausage fest (lol), Wurstfest ( is for you. I'm going for the first this coming up Sunday, and very much looking forward to it. They have imported German beer, local beers, and TONS of local food of the German and Bavarian varieties. Think like 20 different ways of making sausage-on-a-stick kind of German and Bavarian food.
I'm also going to something else this weekend but I can't remember what it is at the moment, I'll post abut it later this evening, possibly after bowling league.
Which I've been OWNING at recently (except for last week, actually).
TWO weeks ago, though, I got my highest score ever in a game of bowling: 149. CRAZY HIGH SCORE I KNOW.

I only posted one pic I think, from the Halloween party I went to as a Hogwartz student, so I'll post a few more now, of some of the other crazy things that showed up.
Dwight Schrute:

An Ill-Equipped Fireman:
Later on, I remember seeing Dexter, from the eponymous series "Dexter", The Dude, Sexy Police Lady, and even a Double Rainbow, but I was far too drunk at that point to be taking pictures with my fragile cellular telephone.