Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MPAA notice?!?

So I tried to get online this morning and this showed up (click to supersize):
Fun stuff, right? So it's got all these threatening sounding phrases like "criminal prosecution" and "Thank you for subscribing to RoadRunner" so I decided to call them and they said something about my wireless network being insecure. <insert hilarious joke about how my router has low self esteem>
After being on the phone with them for a little while they reset everything and I didn't have to click on that link to be able to go to websites! I did go to the website they suggested, http://www.respectcopyrights.org and read the whole thing. Unfortunately, only a very small portion of the website was dedicated to steps on securing one's wireless network, which I think is the primary reason people are sent these sorts of notices in the first place; I mean who would use their own network for something SO illegal, right?

Hopefully Gene Simmons and Lars Ulrich don't come kicking down my door!
I wonder if my decision to merely not to purchase their songs on iTunes is equated with the lost record sales due to piracy in their minds?
Whatever, I know they aren't a part of the MPAA.
Have you ever gotten one of these notices? And did you also just not have your wireless network secured? That seemed to be my only problem, because I highly doubt they've been able to see my network uploading any movies since I secured my network.


  1. Never even heard of it before but then again, I'm European so that might make a difference...

  2. They just need to calm a little. You cant stop piracy with the methods theyre using

  3. I've gotten this notice before... nothing else happened

  4. I also got one of these notices... I then secured my network :(

  5. LOL they're only trying to scare you. What can they do.

  6. haha lol, people get them all the time. Supposedly its just a threat. Keep on being illegal man! (just kidding, I like the law)

  7. I never got one, mainly because I try and avoid actually transferring said material onto my computer. I <3 the cloud

  8. I've never received anything like this before. But I'd crap myself if I did.